The Pros and Cons of Five of the Most Common Job Posting Options

Help WantedA few weeks ago, we talked about creating a job description as your road map to a successful hire.  Now that you have your road map in place, it is time to start putting it to work in filling your vacancy with that outstanding employee you are hoping for.  The question is “Where do you post your vacant position for the best results?”

There are literally hundreds of options for you here.  These include traditional advertising in the newspapers and magazines, on the internet through free and paid job sites, labour associations, job fairs, post-secondary schools and many, many more.  The manner in which you advertise will be determined by many factors the greatest of which include cost, internal recruitment resources, availability of eligible people in your area and the nature of the vacant position itself.  It is vitally important to identify what your budget for recruitment sourcing is prior to determining where you will post the available position.  Knowing this is the only way to determine where you will get the biggest return on investment for your available budget.  You don’t want to unknowingly run a single ad in the national Sunday newspaper that eats up your entire recruitment budget.  The end goal in whatever options you choose is to get your vacant position in front of the right people for as long as possible.

In today’s blog, I want to share with you some of the pros and cons for five of the most common places available to focus your recruitment efforts.

Hiring or Promoting from Within – Every company wants to be known as one who offers internal advancement and promotion.  In many cases, this is one of the first  and most logical options for companies to explore.

Pros – One of the biggest pros for this option is cost savings with internal postings and recruitment often costing next to nothing.  As well, by looking internally to find someone who has the skills and qualifications to complete the job, you will have a much greater insight into what the person is capable of.  Finally, promotion from within helps in the retention and attraction of employees.

Cons – The biggest downside to hiring from within is that you will still have a vacant position to fill so you will need to start the entire process over again and now you have two positions to train for.

Referrals – This is the second most popular choice for most employers in filling a vacant position.

Pros – It is relatively inexpensive (some companies offer referral bonuses) and will encourage the loyalty of current employees who are making the referrals.

Cons – If things do not work out with this referred employee, you could end up with a conflict.  What are the potential consequences if I have to let the newly referred employee go?  Will I lose the current employee who referred the person for the position?

 Newspaper Advertising – Years ago this was one of the only options available.  With the internet, more and more people are reading the news online.  Newspaper advertising can still be effective, but you will definitely want to make sure you are advertising in the right newspaper on the right days.

Pros – The biggest advantage to advertising in the newspaper is the wide distribution within your required location.  For many newspapers these days, this can include display on the newspaper’s website for additional distribution.

Cons – The biggest disadvantage is that the “net” that you cast is very large and you may receive many unqualified resumes.  On top of this print advertising is decreasing in popularity, has a short lifespan (usually a day or two) and can be expensive.

 Job Fairs – I have worked many job fairs in my recruitment career with varying degrees of success.

Pros – If you are an organization looking to fill several open positions, this would be an ideal option.  You will see diverse talent and are able to start the screening process that day.

Cons –  If you are only looking to fill one position, I would not recommend this option.  It can be fairly costly and you have no control over who will attend the fair.

 Internet Job Boards – There are two different types of job boards.  Paid boards (such as Monster and Workopolis) and free boards (Job Bank Canada).

Pros- Most job searchers these days are looking to the internet to find their next dream job and this will usually result in a very quick turnaround.  If you choose a paid board, I find that you will see a much better return on investment.

Cons – As in regular print advertising, you can receive many unqualified resumes.

As a side note, Social Media is becoming an increasingly popular method among job searchers and employers.  It can allow you to screen the applicants prior to contact, has a very wide distribution and as with the internet postings can be very quick.  The only downside to this option is that not all applicants will have access.

There are still many other recruitment sources. The obvious one missing is the employment, temporary or executive search agency.  What can they do for you?  Find out in two weeks!

What is your favourite method for recruitment?  Is it regularly successful?


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